Wall Systems


    Wall Systems

  • Standard and custom designs available.
  • Engineered to withstand all weather challenges, lasting the lifetime of the buildings they compliment.
  • A variety of architectural featured and accents can be incorporated into any design.
  • Installation on a zero lot line, around existing landscaping and in difficult, hilly and varied terrain.

Unlimited Custom Designs and Finishes

Stone, brick, marble, stucco, tile - accents, columns, caps, pediments and other elements.

Fast Simple Installation

Minimal impact to existing landscaping or ongoing construction.

Seamless Design

Ability to follow the ground contours without stepping the wall.



Our AxiForm® wall system is a foam wall alternative to concrete walls, masonry walls, brick walls, and pre cast walls that has been developed over many years to provide landscape architects, builders, developers and other construction professionals with a simple, cost effective solution when creating durable perimeter security walls, monument signs, foam columns, fences, entryway features and other landscape elements.

Unlike other traditional wall systems our AxiForm® foam wall system is installed using pre-manufactured components comprising foam core panels, galvanized steel posts and rails finished with lightweight architectural accents.

AxiForm® Panels

Panels are manufactured from expanded bead polystyrene (EPS) and are fabricated to incorporate horizontal galvanized steel reinforcing channels. The panels are designed to totally encapsulate the structural steel components. The panel channels are secured into the steel post using four number 10 tapcon screws at each connection. The encapsulation feature ensures a seamless and continuous transition from post to post along the length of the wall.

The whole encapsulated is coated with a single half-inch of polymer modified stucco: a high strength, fiber reinforced, polymer modified, cementitious coating specifically designed for application to EPS.


“The Fence That Thinks It’s a Wall” is exactly what you get – a factory finished system that installs like a fence, but looks and performs like a wall.

Available in virtually any type of finish, from faux brick to stucco and sand textures. Panels are strong, durable, lightweight and come 8′ long with heights varying from 2′ – for knee walls – up to 6′, depending on the application requirements. Amazingly quick and versatile – made to enhance and compliment any project or property.

As with all AxiCorp® wall systems, FenWall® systems are designed to withstand local building code requirements specifically related to wind loading, and walls can be designed to withstand up to 150 mph winds.

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