Design & Technology


The AxiForm® system comprises a post and rail structural component, enclosed in foam core panels.  The galvanized steel reinforcing channels are totally encapsulated and the panel channels are secured into steel posts using tapcon screws at each connection.

The panels are manufactured from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and coated with AxiPlast – a specially designed, durable, impact resistant stucco mix or Polyguard, a polyurethane coating specifically developed for foam core elements. The panel encapsulation ensures a seamless and continuous transition from post to post along the length of the wall.

Our walls are designed to withstand building code requirements relating to wind load and can be fabricated to withstand up to 150 mph winds.



“The Fence That Thinks It’s a Wall” is exactly what you get – a factory finished system that installs like a fence, but looks and performs like a wall.

Available in virtually any type of finish, from faux brick to stucco and sand textures. Panels are strong, durable, lightweight and come 8′ long with heights varying from 2′ – for knee walls – up to 6′, depending on the application requirements. Amazingly quick and versatile – made to enhance and compliment any project or property.

As with all AxiCorp® wall systems, FenWall® systems are designed to withstand local building code requirements specifically related to wind loading, and walls an be designed to withstand up to 150 mph winds.

Wall Construction


Traditional forms of wall construction such as pre-cast concrete, block (CMU), and brick have to be stepped to accommodate changes in grade (Figure 2). However, the versatility of our AxiCorp and FenWall systems allow for the option to either step or follow the grade (Figure 1).


Radial Wall Construction



Unlimited custom designs and finishes – brick, stone, masonry, marble, stucco and more.

Typical Column Construction

faux finishes

Combination Walls

Our wall systems offer both versatility and freedom of design. Combination walls are one of the many stylish options available with Wall & Sign Concepts.


Fence & Columns

Limitless decorative ornamental fencing options are available with Wall & Sign Concepts. Create custom designs with columns and gates to highlight any entryway, residential or commercial.


Gated Entryways

From grand entryways to simple gates entries, our gates enhance their surroundings while providing an extra element of protection. Engineered to meet both your functionality and design needs, our gates can be complimented by endless choices of architectural elements.


Monument Signs


Wall & Sign Concepts offers stylish monument signs for any need. Our monument signs can be customized from over 75 standard design choices that are factory finished to ensure quality control. Wall & Sign Concepts designs, fabricates and installs distinguished custom monument signs to highlight your business or development, delivered to site and installed in less than one day. Our installation process is seamless and can be accomplished with minimal disruption to existing landscape.

Typical Sign Construction


Standard Shapes



As a single source solution for your wall and sign needs, we offer a wide variety of lettering options. We are experts on exterior dimensional lettering, offering custom sizes, shapes and an array of material choices. From simple lettering, to 3D logos and emblems, Wall & Sign Concepts is your solution.


Stucco System


Wall & Sign Concepts successfully providing single source solutions for landscape architects, builders, developers and construction professionals. Collectively, we have over 50 years of industry experience. We manage every aspect of a project, from providing stamped and sealed drawings and obtaining the permit, through installation and customer service. A true single source solution.


We provide our customers with the most cost effective, high quality, fast and fit-for-purpose wall and sign solutions, designated and engineered to meet or exceed local building codes, including wind speeds up to 150 mph.

The AxiForm system utilizes revolutionary, patented technology. Pre-manufactured, strong, durable and structurally reinforced lightweight panels are attached between structural posts and stylized in an unlimited variety of designs and finishes.


The Wall & Sign Concepts system is so versatile it allows unparalleled design flexibility and is equally applicable to perimeter walls, decorative entryways, free-standing columns, monument signs and gates.